What is the top-rated embroidery digitizing software available?

Are you planning to begin an embroidery digitizing service for creating or editing embroidery designs? As the world’s leading embroidery digitizer, people often ask me these two questions: “Which is the best embroidery digitizing software?” and “Which embroidery digitizing software applications are easy to use?”

Most embroidery digitizing software programs have the necessary tools to create an embroidery design file. They can create working, fill, and satin stitches, and achieve the same result. However, the difference is in the advanced tools and functions that make design creation easier. Some require more manual input for stitch settings, while others automate the process and speed up the process. Therefore, you should consider these things before choosing an embroidery digitizing software:

Personal Preference: Determine which software brand suits you best based on your background. Some software applications may be more comfortable for those from a production or machinery background, while others may be more suitable for graphic artists.

Do Your Research: Use the free trial phase to determine whether the software is right for you. Online reviews and feedback from embroidery-based Facebook groups, blogs, and YouTube videos can also help you make an informed decision.

Reputable Embroidery Software Brands and Education:

The training you receive after purchasing your software is crucial to learning how to digitize designs. It is why my book Digitizing Made Easy sold almost 50,000 copies worldwide. If you find a software brand you love but lack the necessary training to master it, I recommend taking our fan-favorite Digitizer’s Dream Course, taught directly in 11 of the industry’s most popular software brands.

Should You Buy Through A Dealer Store Or Online?

It depends on the level of support you need. If you need a lot of assistance, I recommend supporting your local dealer, as their level of support justifies the extra cost. But, if you’re looking to learn how to digitize and create more complex designs, I recommend learning from someone who used to digitize professionally.

Do You Need To Buy Software Specific To Your Embroidery Machine Brand?

There aren’t any significant benefits to buying software specific to your machine brand, and you generally end up paying more.

Where Can You Get Embroidery Software Support/Help?

There’s always a learning curve when you try something new, and embroidery software is no exception. Education is essential, and our training programs can help you learn how to digitize. Joining a community/group is also beneficial. We run an excellent Design Doodler Facebook group and the world’s largest Hatch Facebook group where you can post your questions and receive answers from experts.

Education is essential, and our training can be very helpful when learning how to digitize. However, sometimes you may have a specific question about how to do something or where to find a tool. While Google is a great resource, it’s often easier to post your question online where live people can provide answers.

That’s why being part of a community or group is a huge bonus! We personally run an excellent Design Doodler Facebook group and the world’s largest Hatch Facebook group. If you ever have a question or need some inspiration, just post it in the group, and one of our fantastic members or administrators will give you a helping hand and guide you in the right direction.

When it comes to embroidery software, I suggest starting with what you need. Don’t get sold on the highest levels of software unless you know you’ll use the added features. If you’re new to embroidery digitizing, you may not yet need full-blown digitizing software. With modular-based programs like Hatch, you can always start small and upgrade to the next level once you’re ready to explore different types of embroidery.

I understand that most embroiderers may not fully understand what digitizing is or if it’s something they want to invest time in. That’s why I created a Free Embroidery Digitizing 101 Video Course with a Cheat Sheet PDF. It’s the perfect starting point to teach you the basic digitizing concepts that EVERY embroiderer should know, such as stitch types, underlay, pull compensation, and more. Trust me, whether you want to digitize or not, the principles you’ll learn here will help you achieve better-embroidered results.