Unveiling iDigitizing: Transparent Pricing and Quality Digitizing Services

When it comes to digitizing services, iDigitizing is a embroidery digitizing company in usa that is committed to providing high-quality solutions for embroidery designs. Along with their range of services, they have a clear and transparent pricing structure. In this article, we will delve into how costs are calculated for iDigitizing’s digitizing services and provide an overview of the services they offer.

embroidery digitization

Flat Rate for Sizes Under 5 Inches – $25:

For smaller designs that measure under 5 inches, iDigitizing offers a flat rate of $25. This pricing structure ensures simplicity and affordability for customers who require smaller digitized designs. Whether it’s a logo, monogram, or intricate artwork, you can have it digitized at a fixed cost, making it convenient for budget-conscious individuals or businesses.

Standard Full Back Design (over 7 inches) – $65:

For more extensive embroidery designs, such as a full-back design, iDigitizing has a standard pricing of $65. This option is suitable for larger designs that cover a significant portion of the garment, like the back of a jacket or a detailed emblem. Despite the complexity or size, customers can have their designs digitized professionally at a reasonable and competitive rate.

Stock Lettering Fonts – $4:

iDigitizing understands that personalized lettering can add a unique touch to embroidered items. They offer a collection of stock lettering fonts to choose from at a cost of $4. Whether you need initials, names, or specific lettering styles, this affordable option allows you to customize your designs without breaking the bank.

Service Highlights:

* 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

* Turnaround: 2 – 24 hours without rush fee

* Free stitch estimate

* Free format conversion.

* Free editing in most, if not all cases, until you are satisfied.

* All designs are sewn and tested before delivery.

* Formats:  We digitize in a wide variety of formats, such as Tajima, Melco Expanded, Barudan and many, many others.

* Simple Payment Plan IDigitizing takes major credit cards and Paypal payment. We also take company check.

iDigitizing offers a straightforward and transparent pricing structure for their embroidery digitizing services. With a flat rate of $25 for sizes under 5 inches, $65 for standard full back designs, and stock lettering fonts available for $4, they cater to various design needs while ensuring affordability. Their additional services allow for customization and further personalization, ensuring customer satisfaction. Whether you are an individual or a business looking for professional digitizing services, iDigitizing provides reliable solutions at competitive prices.