Troubleshooting Skipped Stitches in Embroidery Machines: Common Causes and Solutions

Experiencing skipped stitches can be frustrating when working with embroidery machines. In this article, we will explore the potential causes of this issue and provide practical solutions to help you troubleshoot and resolve the problem. While embroidery digitizing services primarily focus on design conversion, their expertise can also be valuable in addressing stitching issues.

I. Incorrect Needle or Needle Size:

1. Check the needle insertion and tightness to ensure it is properly seated.

2. Consult embroidery digitizing services to verify if the recommended needle size is suitable for your fabric and design.

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II. Dull or Damaged Needle:

1. Inspect the needle for signs of dullness or damage and replace it if necessary.

2. Professional digitizing services can advise on selecting the appropriate needle type and quality to prevent skipped stitches.

III. Incorrect Thread Tension:

1. Review the thread tension settings on your machine, ensuring they are properly adjusted for your fabric and thread.

2. Seek guidance from embroidery digitizing services for optimal thread tension recommendations based on your specific project requirements.

IV. Improper Fabric Handling:

1. Ensure proper hooping or stabilizing of the fabric to prevent shifting or stretching during embroidery.

2. Digitizing services for embroidery can provide insights on suitable stabilization techniques for different fabric types and designs.

V. Machine Maintenance:

1. Regularly clean and oil your machine as per the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain smooth operation.

2. Embroidery digitizing services may offer general machine maintenance tips to help prevent stitching issues.

VI. Incompatible Needle and Thread:

1. Verify the compatibility of the needle and thread being used.

2. Seek advice from embroidery digitizing services on the suitable thread weight and type for your specific needle and fabric combination.


Addressing skipped stitches in embroidery machines requires a systematic approach to identify and resolve the underlying causes. By considering factors such as needle selection, thread tension, fabric handling, machine maintenance, and using compatible needle-thread combinations, you can minimize the occurrence of skipped stitches and achieve smoother embroidery results.

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1. Can embroidery digitization services assist with troubleshooting stitching issues?

While embroidery digitization services primarily focus on design conversion, they may provide general advice on common stitching issues. However, technical machine problems are best addressed by experienced technicians or the machine manufacturer’s support team.

2. Are skipped stitches a common problem in embroidery?

Skipped stitches can occur occasionally and can be attributed to various factors. Proper troubleshooting and adjustments, combined with guidance from embroidery digitizing services, can usually resolve the issue.

3. Can using the wrong bobbin thread cause skipped stitches?

Using an incompatible or low-quality bobbin thread can contribute to stitching problems, including skipped stitches. It is essential to choose a high-quality thread suitable for your machine and embroidery requirements.