Styling Embroidery for Fall: Layering and Accessorizing Tips

Embroidery has the remarkable ability to infuse personality and artistry into clothing and accessories. As the warm embrace of summer transitions into the crisp allure of fall, it’s the perfect time to explore how to style embroidery for this enchanting season. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the art of layering and accessorizing with embroidered pieces to create stunning fall looks. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or looking to elevate your wardrobe, these tips will help you embrace the beauty of autumn in style.

Embracing Fall Embroidery Trends

Before we dive into styling, let’s take a moment to explore the latest fall embroidery trends. Understanding what’s currently en vogue can help you make informed choices when incorporating embroidery into your outfits:

1. Autumnal Motifs: Designs inspired by fall elements like leaves, pumpkins, and acorns are on-trend. These motifs capture the essence of the season.

2. Rich Color Palettes: Fall is synonymous with warm and earthy colors. Look for embroidery in deep reds, oranges, browns, and mustard yellows.

3. Texture Play: Embroidery that incorporates various textures, such as satin stitching, French knots, and sequins, adds depth and interest to your garments.

4. Statement Pieces: Large, eye-catching embroidery designs on jackets, denim, and accessories are making a bold statement this fall.

5. Mixed Media: Combining embroidery with other techniques like appliqué or beading creates unique, multidimensional pieces.

embroidery leaves

Now that we’ve explored the trends, let’s move on to the heart of the matter—styling embroidered pieces for fall.

1. Layering with Embroidered Jackets

A fall wardrobe staple, the embroidered jacket, is incredibly versatile. Here’s how to style it:

  • Denim Duo: Pair an embroidered denim jacket with jeans for a classic and casual fall look. Opt for contrasting or complementary colors in the embroidery to make it pop.
  • Over a Sweater: Layer your embroidered jacket over a cozy knit sweater. This adds warmth and style to your outfit, making it perfect for chilly autumn days.
  • Dress It Up: Elevate your evening look by wearing an embroidered jacket over a little black dress. This juxtaposition of casual and formal creates a striking ensemble.
  • Boho Vibes: Combine a bohemian-style embroidered jacket with a flowy maxi skirt and ankle boots for a chic, boho-inspired look.

2. Embroidered Accessories

Accessories are a fantastic way to incorporate embroidery into your fall wardrobe. Consider these options:

  • Embroidered Scarves: A beautifully embroidered scarf can add a touch of elegance and warmth to any outfit. Put it around your shoulders or wrap it around your neck.
  • Embroidered Hats: A stylish embroidered hat not only keeps you cozy but also adds a unique flair to your look. Choose earthy tones to match the season.
  • Embroidered Bags: A tote or clutch with intricate embroidery can be a statement piece. It’s both practical and fashionable, ideal for carrying your essentials.
  • Embroidered Boots: Invest in a pair of embroidered boots to instantly upgrade your footwear game. They pair well with jeans, skirts, or dresses.
Embroidered Jackets

3. Layering with Embroidered Sweaters

Embroidered sweaters are quintessential fall fashion. Here’s how to style them:

  • Layered Over a Collared Shirt: Achieve a preppy and polished look by wearing an embroidered sweater over a crisp collared shirt. Add slacks or a skirt for a professional touch.
  • Tucked into a Skirt: Tuck your embroidered sweater into a high-waisted skirt and cinch it with a belt for a flattering silhouette.
  • With Leggings: For a comfortable and casual outfit, pair your embroidered sweater with leggings and ankle boots.
  • Off-Shoulder Chic: Opt for an off-shoulder embroidered sweater to add a touch of femininity to your fall ensemble. Dress it up for a night out with jeans and heels.

4. Embroidered Dresses and Skirts

Don’t forget to incorporate dresses and skirts into your fall wardrobe:

  • Long-Sleeve Dresses: Embroidered long-sleeve dresses in autumnal colors are perfect for fall weddings or special occasions.
  • A-Line Skirts: An A-line skirt with subtle embroidery can be dressed up with a blouse and heels or dressed down with a cozy sweater and ankle boots.
  • Maxi Dresses: Flowing maxi dresses with embroidery in fall hues exude bohemian elegance. Layer with a cardigan or denim jacket for extra warmth.
  • Tights and Boots: As the temperatures drop, pair your embroidered dresses and skirts with tights and knee-high or ankle boots for a chic look.

5. DIY Embroidery Customization

If you’re a crafty individual, consider adding embroidery to your existing fall pieces:

  • Customized Jeans: Embroider your jeans with fall motifs like leaves or pumpkins. You can start with small accents near the pockets and gradually expand to larger designs.
  • Personalized Sweaters: Add your initials or a meaningful word to your sweaters using embroidery. It’s a fun and personalized touch.
  • Patchwork Jackets: Collect and sew embroidered patches onto your jackets. This eclectic style is not only trendy but also tells a story.
  • Shawl Embroidery: Enhance your shawls or wraps with delicate embroidery to create a unique accessory that complements your fall outfits.
custom embroidery

6. Coordinating with Makeup and Nails

To truly embrace the fall season, don’t forget about coordinating your makeup and nails:

  • Fall-Inspired Makeup: Opt for warm eyeshadow shades like burnt orange, deep browns, and rich plum. Pair with matte lips in autumnal hues.
  • Nail Art: Complement your embroidered pieces with nail art that features similar designs or color palettes. Consider nail polish in earthy tones or metallic shades.


Fall is a magical season filled with cozy layers, warm colors, and endless style possibilities. By incorporating embroidered pieces into your wardrobe and following these styling tips, you can celebrate the beauty of autumn in a unique and fashionable way. Whether you choose embroidered jackets, accessories, sweaters, or customized DIY embroidery, embroidery adds an artistic touch to your fall ensembles. Embrace the crisp air, falling leaves, and pumpkin-spiced everything with confidence and style, all while showcasing the artistry of embroidery.