Pricing Structure for Custom Embroidery Digitizing Services

When considering custom embroidery digitizing services, understanding the pricing structure is essential for budgeting and planning. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the pricing structure for such services, including considerations for rush orders, revisions, and introduces iDigitizing, a reliable digitizing service with a fixed pricing model based on size, without any additional rush fees.

I. Factors Affecting Pricing for Custom Embroidery Digitizing
1. Design Complexity:

a. Intricate designs with a high level of detail may require additional time and expertise, impacting the overall pricing.

b. Designs with a larger number of stitches or multiple color changes may also contribute to higher costs.

2. Stitch Count:

a. The total stitch count in a design influences the pricing, as it reflects the time and effort required for embroidery digitization.

b. Higher stitch counts generally result in higher prices due to increased production time.

3. Design Size:

a. The physical dimensions of the design affect the pricing structure.

b. Larger designs may require more time and effort to digitize, resulting in higher costs compared to smaller designs.

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II. Additional Fees for Rush Orders
1. Rush Orders and Expedited Turnaround:

a. Some digitizing services offer expedited turnaround options for urgent orders, which may incur additional fees.

b. These fees cover the extra resources and efforts required to prioritize and expedite the digitizing process.

2. Flexibility of Service Providers:

a. Pricing structures may vary among different service providers.

b. Some providers may include rush order fees as part of their pricing, while others may charge them separately.

III. Revision Policies and Associated Fees
1. Revisions and Modifications:

a. Revisions are common during the embroidery digitizing process to ensure the design meets the client’s requirements.

b. Many digitizing services offer a certain number of free revisions as part of their standard packages.

c. However, extensive or multiple revisions beyond the included limit may result in additional charges.

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2. Clear Communication and Agreement:

a. It is essential to establish clear communication with the digitizing service company regarding their revision policies and any associated fees.

b. Confirming these details in advance helps avoid misunderstandings and ensures a smooth workflow.

IV. iDigitizing: Transparent Pricing, Size-based Model

a. iDigitizing is a reputable custom digitizing service that offers a transparent and fixed pricing structure based on the size of the design.

b. Their pricing model ensures clarity and eliminates confusion by removing rush fees.

c. The size-based pricing allows customers to estimate costs accurately, regardless of urgency.


1. What is the pricing structure for custom embroidery digitizing services?

The pricing structure varies depending on factors such as design complexity, stitch count, and design size.

2. Are there additional fees for rush orders?

Some digitizing services charge additional fees for rush orders to accommodate expedited turnaround times and additional resources.

3. Does iDigitizing charge rush fees?

No, iDigitizing has a fixed pricing structure based on the size of the design and does not impose additional fees for rush orders.