How to Split TrueType Fonts in EmbroideryStudio e4.2 to Add Color


In this blog, we’ll learn how to use EmbroideryStudio e4.2 software to create text objects, then split those objects to change their colors and add borders. Through this process, we’ll be able to add more color and personality to our embroidery designs.

Step 1: Creating Text

First, right-click at the appropriate position on the workspace and select “Insert Text.” In the dialog box that appears, enter the desired text content. Next, we need to find and select a suitable TrueType font, such as “Arial” or “Times New Roman,” to begin our design.

Step 2: Adjusting Font Properties

Select “Conversion Settings” from the menu bar, or directly click the corresponding icon on the toolbar to open the conversion settings dialog. In the dialog, we can adjust the complexity of the font to suit the requirements of the embroidery machine. Here, we’ll choose a 10-degree equilateral triangle as our fill shape.

Step 3: Adjusting Size and Type

Resize the text box to the desired size (e.g., 12 inches), and change the type of embroidery stitch, which could be a single line or multiple line embroidery, depending on your design needs.

Step 4: Splitting the Text

Now it’s time to divide the text into separate parts for individual color and border effects. Select “Objects” > “Break Apart” from the menu bar, or use the shortcut Ctrl+K to perform the same operation. This will break down the entire text object into parts that can be edited independently.

Step 5: Adding Color and Borders

Now we can apply different colors and border effects to each part. First, create an outer border by selecting all text parts and then choosing “Outline” from the menu bar to add an outline. Next, for specific areas within certain letters or words, use the “Cut” function to remove a portion so that additional colors can be added there.

Step 6: Saving and Optimizing

The final step is to save our work. Make sure to check and adjust any necessary details, such as removing unwanted small dots or adjusting border thickness. Then, save the file in EmbroideryStudio’s standard format for subsequent import into embroidery machines for production.


Through these steps, you can split TrueType fonts in EmbroideryStudio e4.2 and add rich colors and exquisite border effects to create unique and creative embroidery designs. This method is suitable for personalized embroidery projects such as clothing, pillowcases, and more.

What are the steps to create a text jacket back or a fourth front in the involve studio?

To create a text jacket back or a fourth front in the involve studio, the first step is to navigate to the text style, select ‘true typhoon conversion’ and change the complex view. Then, change the stitch type to a Tommy stage and split the text apart. Add a border and cut the lettering to add more colors. Finally, split the letters apart and use different techniques to change the colors and stitch angles.

How can one add a border around text in the involve studio?

To add a border around text in the involve studio, first navigate to the letter a and right-click to ‘tell my text box’ to type in the text. Then, in the text style, change the T, T, F conversion settings and scroll down to the complex view to choose a desired stitch type. After selecting and splitting the text, add a running state border around everything to maintain the current screen display.

What techniques are used to change the colors of the text and letters in the involve studio?

To change the colors of the text and letters in the involve studio, different techniques are used. First, after adding a border, cut the lettering to allow for adding more colors. Then, navigate to the simple offset and select options such as the column catch. After placing the text on the screen and changing the size and color of certain elements, select the text, click on the manual life tool, and move it across the screen to divide the letters apart. Additional color changes and techniques like splitting the letters using vector lines are also demonstrated.

How can one navigate and change the color of the outlines and overlays in the involve studio?

To navigate and change the color of the outlines and overlays in the involve studio, select everything on the screen, navigate to the shaping tools, and divide the letters. Ensure that the stitch angles remain the same and select each item to change its color. The outlines and overlays can be brought back and selected to change their colors, ensuring that they are not necessary in the design before removing them. The use of underlays and overlays can also be edited and modified according to the design needs. Read Here are Some Things That You Should Know When It Comes To Embroidery Digitizing!