How Much to Charge for Embroidery Digitizing


As an embroidery digitizing service, determining how much to charge for your work is one of the most important business decisions you will make. There are several key factors to consider when establishing your digitizing rates to ensure you are charging competitively while also covering your costs and making a profit.

Complexity and Size of the Design

More intricate designs with multiple colors, stitches, patterns, and layers will naturally cost significantly more to digitize than simple designs with few elements. Larger designs that encompass a greater area of fabric also require more time and resources, so you should price them accordingly. It is reasonable to charge a premium for extra large or complex designs that push the limits of your digitizing capabilities.

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Type of Embroidery

Digitizing designs for specialty embroidery techniques such as quilting, lace, beadwork, or stitch-in-the-ditch costs considerably more than standard embroidery. These techniques demand additional skill, patience, and time which justify higher rates. You do not want to take on complex projects that will not profitably cover the costs.

Number of Digitized Designs

If a customer requests digitizing multiple designs or an entire cohesive design collection, offer a volume discount to incentivize their business. Digitizing many of the same or similar designs allows for increased efficiencies that can help reduce the per-design cost over time as you refine your processes. However, the upfront costs remain, so volume must reach a certain threshold to truly offset rates.

Experience and Reputation

As an established embroidery digitizing company with a proven track record of success and many satisfied customers, you can typically charge premium rates. Those just getting started in this field will need to build up their experience, portfolio of work, online reviews, and word-of-mouth reputation before raising their prices.

Additional Services

Consider other services you offer like embroidery design, pattern drafting, or digitizing for other crafts and mediums. The rates for additional services should relate to and support your core embroidery digitizing business.


There are numerous factors to evaluate when determining how much to charge for embroidery digitizing services. By thoughtfully considering the complexity of designs, types of embroidery, number of designs, your experience, reputation, and additional services; setting rates that are fair yet profitable for both you and your clients will ensure the ongoing success and growth of your business. With time and experience, rates can then be adjusted up or down accordingly while still meeting these key objectives. The most crucial thing is providing exceptional value through unparalleled quality and service.