How does IDigitizing’s vector conversion service work?

When you need to transform your raster or pixel-based images into high-quality vector format, IDigitizing is here to provide a professional and efficient vector conversion service. Their streamlined process ensures that your images are accurately converted and ready for various applications such as screen print shirts, signs, engraving, and more. Let’s take a closer look at how IDigitizing’s vector conversion service operates:

1. Request a Quote:

To initiate the vector conversion process, email IDigitizing your file and request a quote. Include details about how you plan to use the vector file, such as screen print shirts, signs, engraving, etc. IDigitizing will respond promptly with the exact quote for your vectorization project.

2. Receive a Proof:

Once you approve the quote, IDigitizing will proceed to reproduce your image in vector format. They will then email you a proof of the vectorized image. This step allows you to review the converted vector file and ensure it meets your expectations.

Vector Art Conversion
3. Make Payment:

If you are satisfied with the vector proof, you can proceed with completing the payment. IDigitizing offers a secure checkout process through PayPal.

4. Tips to Reduce Vectorization Costs:

IDigitizing provides some helpful tips to minimize vectorization costs:

a. Send the best quality file available to ensure optimal results.

b. If your image contains small letters, specify the font used or allow for font substitution.

c. Clearly specify the intended usage of the vector file, such as t-shirts, signs, embroidery, cups, etc.

5. Vectorization 100% Guarantee:

IDigitizing offers a vectorization guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction:

vector art conversion services
6. Turnaround Time:

IDigitizing strives to deliver a quick turnaround time, typically within 24 hours or less. Complex designs may require additional time. If you have a specific deadline, you can inform IDigitizing, and they will inform you if it can be met. Their hours of operation are specified for different time zones.

7. Vector File Formats:

IDigitizing primarily delivers the vector files as Adobe Illustrator EPS files. However, they can also save or export the vector files in other formats like AI, CDR, DWG, DXF, EMF, SVG, and more. It’s recommended to communicate with your vector art service provider to determine their specific requirements and preferred file format.

In conclusion, IDigitizing’s vector art conversion service offers a seamless process to convert your raster images into high-quality vector format. With their expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction, they ensure that your vector files are prepared accurately and ready for your specific usage needs.