How are Costs Calculated for iDigitizing Vector Conversion Services?

IDigitizing offers professional vector conversion services that help transform raster images into high-quality vector graphics. When considering the cost of these services, various factors come into play. In this article, we will explore how iDigitizing calculates the costs of their vector conversion services, including the pricing structure for simple and complex vector graphics, as well as the availability of free format conversion.

1. Simple Vector Graphics:

For straightforward vector graphics, iDigitizing charges a flat rate of $15 per image. Simple vector graphics typically involve uncomplicated shapes and minimal detailing. This pricing structure offers customers a cost-effective option for basic vector conversion needs.

2. Complex Vector Graphics:

In cases where the vector graphics are more intricate or require additional effort, iDigitizing employs a time-based pricing model. The complexity of the design, the level of detail, and the intricacy of the elements influence the time required for vector conversion. iDigitizing will assess the design complexity and provide a customized quote based on the estimated time needed for the conversion. This ensures that customers receive fair and accurate pricing for their specific vector conversion requirements.

3. Free Format Conversion:

iDigitizing offers a complimentary service for converting vector graphics into other formats. If customers require their vector graphics to be converted into different file types, such as JPEG, PNG, or PDF, this service is provided free of charge. This demonstrates iDigitizing’s commitment to customer satisfaction and ensures seamless integration of the vector arts into various applications and platforms. When it comes to calculating the costs of vector conversion services at iDigitizing, simplicity and complexity play a significant role. Simple vector graphics are charged at a flat rate of $15 per image, providing an affordable option for basic conversions. However, for more complex vector graphics, the pricing is determined by the time required for the conversion, taking into account the intricacy and level of detail involved. Additionally, customers benefit from iDigitizing’s complimentary service of converting vector graphics into other formats, enabling easy integration into different applications. With transparent pricing and a commitment to customer satisfaction, iDigitizing ensures high-quality vector conversions tailored to individual needs.