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IDIGITIZING is the first choice for Embroidery Lovers and Business Owners Who don’t compromise on the Quality of their designs. Our award-winning embroidery digitizing services bring charm to your design and make them stand out from the rest. So by using our services, you will get excellent quality of design, superfast turnaround, free embroidery design backup, free design editing, Flat rates, and special discount offers.

Online Embroidery Digitizing & Vector Art Services

Excellent Embroidery

Professional embroidery team support

Guaranteed Quality

No quality no money! 100% guaranteed

24 Hours Turnaround

Complex designs may require extra time

24/7 Support

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It's been my pleasure working with you as well.The digitizing you have done for me has always been top quality.Your digitizing makes me look like a star with the excellent embroidery results I produce for my customers.I have asked some unusual questions along the way,and you have always graciously responded simply explaining the solutions.Thank you for the good work
- Suzi Stitches
Just wanted to tell you that you did an excellent job on this logo.We get so busy sometimes that we forget to acknowledge what a good job you guys do on the digitizing.Thanks!
- Bella Embroidery
Wow.I love the new site.It is very user friendly.Great job!! !I Digitizing is such a pleasure to work with.Your designs have always been above standard and if on occasion there is a problem,you are always quick to remedy it.Keep up the good work.Thank you for making my job easier.
- Shirt Werks And Promotionals Inc
I have to say! This is BEAUTIFUL! Better than the original patch. I will send you a picture of my project when I'm finished! Have you guys ever digitized a FAMILY TREE? Just curious! Thank you for always making me look good for my customers. I appreciate you all..
- Gabby Salamone
Your company has always given Waterfront the best Digitizing on all occasions. Over the years I have many Company's ask for business The answer is always the same. (No Thank You) I have always use iDIGItizing, THANK YOU & KEEP YOU GREAT WORK.
- Patrick
Just wanted to say thank you for good and very fast service on this one. My customer was extremely happy with both versions of this logo. Thanks!
THIS TURNED OUT SO WELL!!! I love the blending of the colors. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
Great!  Love it, you have a brand new customer.
Just wanted to say what a GREAT JOB the digitizer did on the small lettering. I sewed the small lettering with thin thread on a Columbia Fishing shirt and it looked fantastic. Thanks again. He can do all my small lettering!!
Great job on last 2 logo's you did for me they loved them.
You guys are awesome and quick!  Thank you for all your help!
I sent this off to you so quickly I didn't thank you SO MUCH for getting this back to me so fast. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. Again.......THANK YOU
Thanks for your help! I will be sending more orders in the near future. Have a nice day.
I am amazed by IDigitizing's efficient workflow. Not only do they produce excellent quality, but they also deliver quickly, allowing me to meet my project deadlines.
Thank you, IDigitizing, for your top-notch service! Your expertise and skills ensure that my designs are beautifully presented in embroidery.
I highly recommend IDigitizing! They possess outstanding embroidery digitizing capabilities and excel in their response time.
IDigitizing's commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of their service. From the digitizing process to the final embroidery, they consistently deliver superior results that exceed my expectations.
The speed at which IDigitizing completes projects is truly remarkable. Even with tight deadlines, they manage to deliver exceptional digitized files on time, allowing me to meet my commitments.
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Your digitizing services are outstanding! The care taken to preserve the original's integrity while enhancing its accessibility is exemplary.
The digitizing process was handled with such finesse and professionalism. The digital copies are crystal clear and beautifully rendered.

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Online Embroidery Digitizing & Vector Art Services

Are you unsatisfied with the current quality of digitizing? Do you want to select an unique professional who will never mess up your order? We are here to offer you the following services, the best you have been searching for:

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Digitizing Services

  • Left Chest Logo Digitizing
  • Jacket Back Digitizing
  • Cap Logo Digitizing
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Vector Services

  • Vectorize Logo
  • Image Vectorization
  • Vector Color Separation
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Patches Services

  • Embroidered Patches
  • Woven Patches
  • Leather Patches

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World Class Digitizing And Vector Art Service

Are you concerned whether your desired size & detailing can be achieved? Do you like to test and verify the design? We are here to help ensure that your production goes smoothly.

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