EmbroideryStudio e4.5: Streamlining Team Identity in Embroidery Design

With the launch of EmbroideryStudio e4.5, users now have the convenience of creating personalized embroidery designs with custom team names. This new feature allows designers to save multiple different team names in one file and design unique embroidery pieces for each team.

Setting Standard Team Names

Adding Team Names

Method: Open the Team Name Manager by clicking on the “Team Names” icon on the left side of the screen.

Steps: Enter the “Manage Team Names” mode, where you can choose to add new team names. Here, we’ll use a sample team as an example.

Selecting Team Members

When adding teams, you can choose specific members or exclude those who are no longer participating.

Users don’t need to manually input each member’s name; instead, they can select from a pre-existing list.

If necessary, non-name information (such as jersey numbers for a soccer team) can also be included as part of the team name.

Setting Name Order

EmbroideryStudio allows users to set the display order for up to three team names.

This order is fixed and won’t repeat on a baseline, ensuring each design is unique.

Generating Embroidery Stitches

Once team names are selected and arranged, the next step is to generate the corresponding embroidery stitches.

Navigate to the “Embroidery Data” section, select “Generate Stitches,” and the names will be converted into stitch files usable by embroidery machines.

Adjusting and Optimizing

The final step is to fine-tune the layout and style of each team name.

Users can individually select each team name and adjust details such as spacing and connector attributes between them.

Ensure all names are clearly visible and meet design requirements.


The Standard Team Name feature of EmbroideryStudio e4.5 greatly simplifies the embroidery design process, allowing creators to quickly and efficiently produce works with personal style and professional appearance. Whether for sports events or business promotions, this feature meets the diverse needs of different users. With Eagle Digitizing providing expert embroidery digitizing services, creators can further enhance their designs and bring their vision to life with precision and excellence.


What is the purpose of using team names in the design process?

The purpose of using team names in the design process is to facilitate team-based collaboration and standardize the way team names are displayed and managed in the software.

How do you access the team names in the software?

To access the team names in the software, you need to click on the team name icon, which is located in a two-box on the left-hand side, and then open the team names docker by going into manage team names within the software.

What options are available for managing team names?

Options for managing team names include adding teams, selecting team members, and specifying the name order and number of team names to use, with a maximum of three allowed.

How are team names converted to stitches?

Team names are converted to stitches by generating stitches for the team names in the software, which can be done by navigating to stitch data and generating stitches.

Can team names be reshaped and their spacing adjusted?

Yes, team names can be reshaped and their spacing adjusted by selecting each individual name and using the reshape option, which allows customization of spacing and other layout settings.