Elevate Your Apparel: Logo Placements for Custom Embroidery Digitizing

Custom embroidery digitizing on apparel offers a unique opportunity to showcase your brand and add a personal touch to your garments. With various logo placement options, you can create visually appealing and professional designs. This article explores six logo placement options for custom embroidery digitizing on different types of apparel, providing insights and examples. With IDigitizing’s expert digitizing services, you can bring your logo to life and enhance the visual appeal of your apparel.

1. Left Chest: The Classic Placement

The left chest is a timeless and widely recognized location for logo placement. Positioned on the front of the garment, it offers a clean and professional look. This placement is commonly seen on polo shirts, button-down shirts, and jackets, creating a sense of authority and brand recognition.

2. Sleeve: A Stylish Side Placement

The sleeve provides a unique and eye-catching placement option for your logo. Whether on long sleeves or short sleeves, placing your logo on the sleeve adds a touch of style and versatility to your apparel. It is particularly effective for sports jerseys, hoodies, and casual t-shirts.

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3. Upper Back: Making a Bold Statement

Placing your embroidery logo on the upper back of apparel creates a bold statement and allows for larger designs. This placement option is ideal for sweatshirts, jackets, and outerwear. It provides a prominent branding opportunity and ensures visibility even from a distance.

4. Collar: A Subtle and Sophisticated Placement

For a more subtle and sophisticated touch, consider placing your logo on the collar of your apparel. This placement adds a unique flair and can be particularly effective for dress shirts, polos, and corporate attire. It allows your logo to be visible without overpowering the overall design.

5. Across the Shoulders: A Striking Placement

Placing your logo across the shoulders creates a visually striking effect. This placement option works well for apparel with a larger back area, such as hoodies, jackets, and performance wear. It offers a unique and memorable branding opportunity, especially for sports teams and fitness apparel.

6. Hem or Cuff: A Creative Detailing

Adding your logo to the hem or cuff of your apparel provides a subtle and creative detailing option. This placement is ideal for garments with narrow hems or cuffs, such as shirts and sweatshirts. It adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your digitized designs.

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Q1: Can IDigitizing assist with logo digitizing for custom embroidery placement on apparel?

A1: Absolutely! IDigitizing specializes in logo digitizing services for custom embroidery. With their expertise, you can ensure precise and professional logo digitization, allowing for accurate placement on your apparel.

Q2: What are the benefits of using custom embroidery digitizing for apparel?

A2: Custom embroidery digitization adds a high-quality and professional touch to your apparel. It enhances your brand visibility, creates a sense of unity among team members, and allows for intricate and detailed logo designs.

Q3: Are there any limitations on the size or complexity of logos for custom embroidery digitizing?

A3: While there may be certain limitations based on the specific garment and embroidery technique, IDigitizing can optimize your logo for digitization, ensuring that it retains its visual appeal and clarity when applied to apparel.


Custom embroidery digitizing on apparel provides a powerful branding opportunity. By strategically selecting logo placement options, you can enhance the visual appeal of your garments and effectively promote your brand. With IDigitizing’s expert digitizing services, you can bring your logo to life and achieve precise placement on your apparel. Choose the best logo placement option for your apparel and make a lasting impression.