Cancel an order

If an order has not been shipped, you can cancel it.

In some cases, an order you might place out of sheer excitement may later no longer be an option for you. Or, you may have found a more impressive deal online and want to focus your savings on that deal instead of your original order.

Again, such cases can happen a lot, and idigitizing has never ignored such requests from customers. So yes, you can definitely cancel your order on idigitizing. Here are some legal conditions under which you can proceed:

You can cancel orders that have not been shipped yet.

You can cancel orders that have not been shipped yet. Please contact us in advance:

In the former case, the order you placed has not been shipped and is waiting for delivery, you can contact us by email(, we are online 24 hours to solve your problem.

Cancellation Time

idigitizing takes about 3 to 7 days for refunds to be made on canceled orders. This time varies depending on the payment method used when placing the order.

It takes up to one week for the refund to be reflected in the source payment method. The time usually depends on the type of payment method. Things will also be different if you use a debit or credit card associated with your bank.

Cancel your order and get a refund

If you cancel on idigitizing, you will get a refund. However, if the product has been shipped, we do not support refunds, unless the product has quality problems, etc. Of course, you can contact us if you have any questions: