Beginners Tutorial for Digitizing Embroidery Designs Using Embird

Hey, everyone. Today I’m going to show you how to digitize a flamingo embroidery design. I’ll use my embroidery digitizing software, which is called Embird, but this tutorial is relevant to beginners using other software like Hatch, embrilliance, or Brother PE Design. So whether you have Embird or not, you can still follow along.

First, I’ll make sure that the hoop size in the software is appropriate for the design I want to create. In this case, I want to make a design that is about eight to nine centimeters tall, so I’ll set the hoop size to 10 by 10 centimeters. This allows me to see the design accurately and how it will appear when stitched out.

Next, I’ll import the image of the flamingo into the software and scale it to fit the hoop. Once the image is imported, I’ll start digitizing the different parts of the design. I’ll begin with the black color of the flamingo’s beak and legs. I’ll use the fill object tool to trace the outline of the beak and fill it with black stitches. Then, I’ll set the start and end points and generate the stitches.

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Next, I’ll move on to the pink colors of the flamingo’s body. I’ll trace the outline of the legs, wings, and body using the fill object tool. I’ll set the start and end points for each object and generate the stitches. I’ll also create connection stitches between objects to ensure smooth stitching and minimize gaps.

For the wing detailing and other smaller parts, I’ll use the line tool to create running stitches. I’ll adjust the stitch angle and thickness as needed to achieve the desired effect. I’ll also apply pull compensation to prevent gaps and ensure the objects knit neatly together.

Finally, I’ll add a satin stitch border around the flamingo’s body. I’ll convert the fill stitch to an outline and edit the nodes to shape the border. I’ll adjust the stitch thickness and apply pull compensation. If there are cuts in the design, I’ll create connection stitches to maintain continuity.

Throughout the process, I’ll keep an eye on the design, making sure the stitches are aligned and the objects interact smoothly. I’ll also use tools like the add and remove nodes to refine the shape and details.

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That’s it! This is a basic overview of digitizing a flamingo embroidery design using M-Bird or similar digitizing software. Remember, planning is essential for stability and avoiding issues during stitching. I hope you found this tutorial helpful and enjoyed learning about digitizing.

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